Why join Hellas Triathlon?


Because it has over 400 people just like you, at all levels with one thing in common, love of triathlon or duathlon. You get good company, participation in sporting and social activities together, plus access to training and advice. For those who wants to compete in the team competition, Hellas has the best clubteams in the Netherlands in both triathlon and duathlon.

One of the best things about joining Hellas Triathlon is all the training opportunities you’ll have to improve your skills. Nearly every day you can train at various locations in Utrecht lead by experienced coaches.

Entry periods
Hellas has 5 entry periods per year, beginning the first Friday in February, April, June, September and November. It is not possible to follow a trial training.

The first week of the entry periods, two experienced club members will tell you all about the sporting and social activities within our club. This will take place prior to three trainings. It is highly recommended that you’ll be present at each of these sessions. The buddies will be guiding you the first months. They can answer all your questions about equipment, clothing, nutrition, transitions and race preparation.

What endurance do you need to join Hellas?
You have to be able to swim breaststroke and exercise for an hour or run for half an hour.

Experienced triathletes
If you are transferring from another triathlon club, contact member support.

Membership costs and NTB-license

  • One-off registration fee: € 5,00
  • Membership fee: € 44,00 per quarter (pool and gym costs are included*)
  • Mandatory NTB base license: € 34,00** per calendar year
    • Optional NTB race license: € 25,00** per calendar year (on top of base license)

With a base license, you’ll need to purchase an additional day license for each NTB race. The price of a day license can vary from € 7,75 for a sprint to € 42 for an ironman distance. The actual day license prices can be found here.

*see training calendar

**As of September new fees apply, see NTB website (Dutch).

You can sign in here via the online form (Dutch). Joining is only possible if you sign in latest 1 week before the fixed entry period or until maximum of new members is reached. Otherwise you’ll be transferred to the next entry period.

After signing in you will receive an email containing the details for your upcoming starting period. You’ll also receive an invoice, covering membership fee for the remaining months of the quarter, the one-off registration fee, your NTB base or race license. After payment of this invoice, subsequent payments will be charged by automatic transfer.

If you have any questions, send an email to member support.